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Ventilation Services and Duct Cleaning in Tehachapi, California 

Out of sight and out of mind… but the duct work is one of those things where not knowing can hurt you. Leaks in your house’s duct system can cost you hundreds – if not thousands – of dollars a year, especially during the scorching summer months. Dirty ducts restrict air flow, reducing your system’s efficiency, and also provide a place for dust mites, bacteria, and fungus to flourish. It is not just your pocketbook that can suffer if you forget your ductwork; you are also jeopardizing your family’s health and safety.

Quality ventilation services are just another way of keeping it right with Air Tight Heating and Air. If you are serious about improving indoor air quality (IAQ) with an eye to reducing asthma and respiratory concerns, then a duct cleaning service is a vital part of your overall maintenance program. After all, what good is an expensive air purification system if the clean air is distributed through dirty duct work? Air duct cleaning should be one of your top priorities – and one of your least expensive paths to cleaner, safer indoor air.

If your ventilation system is old, then HVAC duct cleaning may just be a part of the problem. A leaky air duct system can be pumping wasted dollars into your attic during both winter and summer. Air duct installation or repair usually pays for itself in a short time with lower energy costs. Air Tight Heating and Air is more than a duct cleaning service. We are a highly skilled ventilation service provider that combines the best practices of air duct cleaners with efficient air duct installation.

We offer free estimates for both residential and commercial properties. We are a family owned business, serving Tehachapi, Golden Hills, Arvin, Lamont, Fuller Acres, and the Bakersfield area for over 10 years. If what we do to fix your problem doesn’t work the first time, there is never an additional service charge for us to make the problem go away. Of course, that is an easy promise to make since our on-going training programs keeps our technicians on the cutting edge of the HVAC industry.

“Keeping It Tight with Air Tight” is not just our motto: it describes our entire business philosophy.

Licensed, bonded, insured; California C20 License # 841017; puron certification – locally owned and family operated… Air Tight Heating and Air is your first choice for local, professional, dedicated heating and air conditioning services.

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