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Air Tight Heating and Air - Bakersfield

Ductwork and Air Conditioning Repair near Bakersfield, California

Air conditioning repair near Bakersfield, California is made easy by Air Tight Heating and Air. Our heating and cooling services bring fast relief to clients from Tehachapi to across the Bakersfield area. This includes new construction HVAC for commercial and residential projects. For your convenience, ducting and venting is also available for nearly any HVAC system. We provide start to finish quality that replaces ductwork, heat pumps or other components for year round comfort.

Looking for a new AC unit? Our air conditioner installation is backed by years of experience and includes brand name units. You will enjoy lower utility bills and have peace of mind with a manufacturer’s warranty. For chilly winter nights around Bakersfield; our heating installation keeps families warm with the latest units at affordable prices.

Local restaurants trust our chiller service to improved food storage. You can prepare food with confidence knowing that meats and beverages are stored properly. This makes our chiller services an investment in your business.

From duct cleaning for better air quality to swamp cooler repairs for construction sites; we are the first choice for heating and cooling in the Tehachapi area.

Air conditioner repair or new installation? This is a common question for families near Bakersfield. Over time, air ducts endure wear and tear that affects the HVAC system’s efficiency. Faulty heat pumps and clogged air ducts are just a few of the air conditioner repairs that may be needed. Air TIght Heating and Air responds quickly to pinpoint the problem.

In some cases, new air conditioner installation may be more practical. The extent of AC repairs, age of the HVAC system and your budget are all factors to consider. Our Bakersfield heating and cooling experts will help you make an informed decision.

The same quality is seen with our heating service. Our licensed technicians will inspect your system to determine why airflow or air temperature is being affected. In many instances, heating repair is a fast and affordable alternative to replacement. However, older HVAC units with outdated technology may call for new heating installation. Air Tight Heating and Air will recommend the best choice for your home of business.

Bakersfield and the surrounding area are undergoing rapid growth. We provide new construction HVAC services that support builders across the area. Our HVAC technicians will set up the ducting and venting for new homes, office buildings or industrials plants. Quality ductwork from our technicians gets your project ready for new homeowners or tenants. During construction, our swamp cooler repairs keep workers comfortable as they work outdoors or inside modular buildings.

Please contact us at 888) 499-0928 for air conditioning repairs and ductwork around Bakersfield.

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