How To Adjust Your Air Conditioner Settings


If you have an air conditioning system in your house, have you taken a look at its settings. Most modern units come with many features than just an on-and-off switch like auto, timer, or fan speed. These functions can help cool your home more efficiently and reduce electricity bills. Thus, it is necessary to take time to familiarise yourself with some basic settings on AC unit.

1. Fan options

Most modern AC systems have three fan settings: low, medium, and high. The most effective option for warm conditions is high. Nevertheless, when it is very humid, it is better to have your unit on low because it can circulate the moist air steadily and slowly, thus increasing the effectiveness.

2. Vent redirection

If all of the vents are pointed to one side, you should redirect them to face the middle of the space. This will help direct the cooling air outwards to the room. If your system comes with an oscillating mode, only use oscillation when all fan positions serve the general room’s area. If the air is run to the back of the curtains or couch, most of the cooling power can be wasted.

3. Energy-saver function

The basic way to adjust air conditioning systems is to set the fan setting and temperature with a digital display or a dial. But most modern products provide more energy-efficient ways to cool your house. You should look for any button which reads “smart fan”, “energy saver”, or “auto”, and experiment these settings to choose the right options for your needs.

4. Filter

If the filter of your air conditioner is dirty or dusty, it will not run as efficiently as usual. This means that you might need to spend more money for the same amount of cool air. In most cases, you can get less cooling, and the unit might be damaged by the excessive wear and tear. Many modern systems come with an indicator light which keeps going on when the filter needs to be cleaned. But when you think that your AC unit is not running properly, it is necessary to perform a visual inspection to find out the underlying causes. As a rule of thumb, you should check the filter before summer starts.

5. Timer

When it is hot outside, there is nothing better than coming home which is well air-conditioned. But how can you save money from running the AC system when you are outside all day? The best solution is to purchase a unit from with an hours button or timer.
Before leaving your home, always set the timer for 8 or 9 hours so that the air conditioner can stay off when you are at work and automatically turn on soon before you get home. If you have pets, then timer might be not a good option to keep them comfortable all day. Instead, consider increasing the temperatures and lower the fan a bit to save money.